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Getting Traffic to Your Website with Long tail Pro

When setting up a website one of the great desires for most people is usually to attain a fast traffic to the site with at least struggle. Site viewer’s traffic is mostly determined by the number of times that the site is found from search engines when internet users search for information. With over six hundred search engines used daily to find information on the websites and web blogs, ability to appear in all these engines at least on the first pages in half of the searches is a goal whose achievement requires appropriate planning and investment in the right options. The presences of appropriately arranged keywords on the site with appropriate number of appearance make it easier for the users to easily access your site without necessarily long presence online. Long tail pro is a tool that specifically designed and set to meet the needs of finding the appropriate keywords for your website while giving you maximum traffic to your website when well optimized and used as per the search engines optimization specifications. The tool designed for solely the purposes of establishing the keywords and their rating, it is one of the best SEO tools that are rapidly revolutionizing the internet arena.


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Relevance of the Software

Long tail keyword tool comes with the advantage of not only finding the appropriate keyword, but also gives you the chance to know the ranking of your keyword as well as the use by the competitors and the frequency with which the keyword selected is searched for. Building audience is made easier while establishing a focused attention on the targeted market and leads. As the needs of the world rapidly change and the growth continue to fast to transform every day, similar designs that are used to set a website may not be necessary able to carry out the same function in the future as it was established at the time the website was set up. These changes are usually coupled with the changes in the keywords ranking as well in the search engines with as well similar changes in the organization and structures of the words. Long tail pro enables you to attain a scalable growth that is in tandem with the expanding needs of the business or the website that you manage. With constant use of the software the users are usually able to change the keywords as the market needs change.

However, the use and acceptance of this software may not be easily acceptable and used by the first time users as well as those who learn about it for the first time. Long tail pro first comes with a trial version that enables the subscribers to use the software without having to pay the fee. The version for trial has features that enable search for the keywords. The users of the trial version are able to search for any keywords of their choices for 10 days. The 10 days are counted starting the day the user register for the trial version. This counting does not exclude the days that the subscriber does not use the software even after registration. At the end of the ten days, it is expected that the subscriber will have explored all the features of the software and made use of all the help services from the service providers. The long tail keyword tool trial version serves to win the trust of the subscribers to confirm that the services advertised and explained are truly offered and that the value of the subscription is guaranteed. After the period of trial version, users subscribe to the platinum account.


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Using the Software

The platinum account makes it easier for the users to access the other features of this tool rated among best SEO tools. To use the long tail pro, you simply have to first start by clicking on finding key words. This is an onscreen button that is available on the front screen once you start the software application. You have the option put multiple key words you want without limitation. This is usually by pressing the enter button every time you have typed the keyword. Do this until you have entered all the keywords you wish generated and used on your site. After this, the software gives you room to do other things which enable you to customize your search and limit your results to what fits best your website or that which fits what you would wish to see on your website. You can pre-filter the keywords, for example by limiting the bid value for the keywords as well as the level of competition. You can also limit the number of words in this account you wish to find per search in order to optimize the available options for your website.

Advanced options in the Software

There are many other options that are provided for in the software making it possible for you to specify what you want. After putting your specifications, you can now click on generate keywords. The software will automatically start giving the available keywords while limiting to your chosen specifications. From the results obtained you can see the keywords that match the search filters and the corresponding proposed bid values. In platinum you can as well calculate the competitiveness of the keywords and find how hard it is to use a given keyword. A score of any value above thirty is a good indicator of a good keyword. Calculated results of below 30 do not give a good score for a keyword to use on your website. Long tail pro has a number of features. These features make it easier for you to make use of the software while achieving maximum results for your website. This software has been widely used and the results often tally with the manual searches in the search engines. There are ready instructions on the long tail pro website on how to use this software in case you are to use it for first time.


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